Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The event

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Day 6: Great Wall of China (八达岭)

 Entrance of the Great Wall (八达岭)
 At the fort along the great wall
 Side view of the great wall
Wide angle view of the great wall

Day 5: Summer Palace Visit (颐和园)

 Summer Palace
Sunset at Summer Palace

Day 5: Last day of SAGE-iSummit (Farewell)

 The RDFZ Xishan school photo gallery
SAGE Conference Photo booth

Day 5: Keynote (SAGE iSummit Day 3)

 Mr Graham's presentation on WISE book: Learning Reimagined
Handling over ceremony from RDFZ Xishan to Pearse School, Cambridge, UK 
 Sausage analogy in our schooling system (Dr Zhao Yong)
Dr Zhao Yong on the inverse relationship between PISA Math score and perceived entrepreneurial capability

Day 4: SAGE iSummit 2014 (Day 2) (活力西山)

Students' Presentation (活力西山)
 Maggie and Apple - our student guides for the 3 days 
 Paper Cutting activity
SAGE symbol
An interesting picture - the McDonalds logo is seen under the Chinese Restaurant

Day 3: SAGE iSummit Conference

RDFZ Xishan principals and organisers
 Performance by the RDFZ Xishan students
 ICT presentation by Raja and Ahbu
SST and RDFZ Xishan students presenting at the SAGE conference on the Air Quality Index sensors

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 2: e-City

 Birds' eye view of the e-City area in Zhong Guan Village (中关村)
Mr Tan Hoe Teck at e-PLAZA

Day 2: RDFZ Xishan School tour

 A typical classroom in RDFZ Xishan School
The Design and Technology discussion room in RDFZ Xishan School
The Design and Technology Workshop in RDFZ Xishan School
The RDFZ Xishan School Electronics Lab
RDFZ Xishan School Makers' Space

Day 2: Visit to Xishan School

RDFZ Xishan School Campus and Hostel view
Chow Zijie (center) and Rachit (right) working with the student from Xishan School
SST students and teachers with Ms Ooi Ching Ya

Our stay in Beijing

Map 1: The places that we went during the Beijing SAGE-iSummit trip

Map 2: The Badaling Great Wall of China. Our visited sites

Map 3: The places we went at the Haidian area: Xishan School, Gloria Hotel, Rainbow City, e-City

Map 4: Wamnfujing Snack Street, the Malls at Oriental Plaza